Welcome to Super Safe Kids!

Super Safe Kids tools and books teach kids and their families about safety and self-advocacy skills for the home, the community and the health care setting. Super Safe Kids’ tools are for all children, with special topics for kids with medical needs and disabilities.

Super Safe Kids takes a step-by-step approach to health and safety issues, using social stories with kid-friendly language and evidence-based practices. Super Safe Kids tools are great in homes, schools and health care settings because they encourage discussion and practice of safe and healthy habits. 

Super Safe Kids books and tools are aligned with national safety initiatives and serve as tools to improve safety for children, especially those with disabilities or complex medical needs. Super Safe Kids books are written by a patient advocate and educational psychologist who is also the parent of a medically complex child with a rare condition.

Super Safe Kids books and tools are designed to:

For safety in the hospital, the community or at home, Super Safe Kids books and tools are aimed at empowering children and their families to understand important health and safety issues and to self-advocate for better outcomes, while promoting the development of advocacy and independent living skills.